• Flexible & tailored bakery systems
  • High quality & consistent products
  • Your project, our responsibility
  • Long-term performance security

What does Integrated Bakery do?

Integrated Bakery is a System Integrator; we deliver (turn-key) solutions to (semi) industrial bakeries worldwide. Because we are not an equipment manufacturer we focus on the most optimum solution that suits the need of our customer, by combining knowledge, bakery equipment, systems and brands into one complete working system. Furthermore we take responsibility for the final result including performance guarantees.

Beside customized bakery solutions for new (greenfield) and existing (brownfield) bakeries, we also offer bakery concepts that are innovative and contain products developed for a specific market need.

Our step plan in a nutshell to implement an integrated bakery solution.  

Why work with us?

Our most important distinguishing values are:

  • The total bakery project is our responsibility;
  • You have to deal with only one supplier instead of multiple, ‘one stop shop’;
  • We are not equipment manufacturer, we focus on the best suitable technical solution;
  • High quality & consistent products ensuring suitability for high-end markets;
  • Flexible bakery systems, adaptable to changes in market demands and needs;
  • Long-term performance security through maintenance & service agreement.

How does Integrated Bakery do it?

Integrated Bakery combines 35+ years of experience and knowledge with well- constructed machines. During these years we have also learned from the 200+ bakery projects that we have executed worldwide.

With our passionate and committed employees, transparent communication and aim for sustainable relationships we are dedicated to serve you with the most optimum bakery solution and help your bakery business move forward!

Looking for low capex solutions based on second hand?