We've been integrated!
  • Flexible & tailored bakery solutions
  • Your project, our responsibility
  • Selling & sourcing of used bakery equipment

What does Integrated Bakery do?

Integrated Bakery is a global operating System Integrator in the bakery industry; we deliver (turn-key) solutions to (semi) industrial bakeries to our clients worldwide, customised and tailored to their budget and needs. We combine bakery knowledge, technology, design & engineering expertise, equipment, operations management experience and brands to develop integrated production solutions that are flexible and future-proof.

Beside customized bakery solutions for new (greenfield) and existing (brownfield) bakeries, we also offer bakery concepts that are innovative and contain products developed for a specific market need.

Our solutions based on your needs & budget

Solutions which we are able to offer are:

  • A-Level solutions: Top brand equipment (AAA brands) with excellent performance, requiring high capital investment;
  • B-Level solutions: Top performing equipment (A – B plus brands) with high performance, requiring medium capital investment;
  • C-Level solutions: Good performing equipment (B plus – C brands) with performance conform specifications requiring less capital investment;
  • L-Level solutions: Good performing systems based on second hand equipment (AAA – B plus brands) with high performance requiring low capital investment.

Our ‘Full Service Approach’ to develop and implement an integrated bakery solution is illustrated here.

Why work with us?

Our key differentiators and core values are:

  • We are not an equipment manufacturer, we focus on the most optimised solution for our clients and are not driven by the need to sell our own equipment;
  • The total bakery project is our responsibility; you as client are unburdened!
  • You will deal with a single supplier instead of multiple suppliers; we are a so-called ‘one stop shop’;
  • In most cases we can negotiate better prices with equipment manufacturers since we have access to OEM prices;
  • Our ‘integrated approach’ assures future-proof production solutions that are flexible and adaptable to changes in market demands and needs;
  • We train your production staff and can provide technical support during the first months of production;
  • We provide long-term performance security through maintenance & service agreement.

How does Integrated Bakery do it?

Integrated Bakery combines 35+ years of knowledge and experience. We have learned from the 200+ bakery projects that we have executed worldwide. In addition, we have a global network of partners and a sound knowledge of equipment available around the world.

Last, but not least, we are a passionate and committed team of professionals with global mindset skills to navigate smoothly around the world. We understand your culture and local market needs and have the skills and capabilities to serve you in an optimised and adapted manner.

We help you forward with our full range of solutions varying from A level to Low CAPEX solutions.