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  • Your project, our responsibility
  • Selling & sourcing of used bakery equipment

From technical bakery engineering up to System Integration of Total Bakery Solutions

The slogan ‘once being exposed to the bakery industry, there is no way out’ is the story of my career. Having parents who ran a bakery, the affection with this industry came by nature and is still the main driver behind our success. Growing up in parallel to the evolution of the bakery industry, I have automatically developed a broad level of expertise and experience, which is still proving to be quite unique across the globe.

Working as a technical bakery engineer in the Dutch bakery industry since 1984, I decided to start my own company in 1993.

Opposite to the saturation that we were facing in our home market, we noticed a rapidly increasing level of opportunities in ‘emerging’ markets’. Driven by the ‘movement of wealth from the West into the East and South’, new markets opened up with a large demand for knowledge sharing and an approach where the professional partner takes care of the entire project.  Over the years, Integrated Bakery evolved into an independent, turn-key supplier for complete bakery projects.

Today our team is a mix of highly experienced bakery engineers and young, enthusiastic professionals dedicated to the bakery industry. Together we develop bakeries for the future of our customers and work on sustainable and flexible solutions that are able to withstand market changes and adapt to any challenge you may face. The final result will be profitable bakery business.

Looking forward to meet each other anywhere in the world!

Frans van der Schoot