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Our Full Service Approach

Hi I am Mr. IB! Let me show you how we help you with a customised, flexible & innovative, integrated bakery solution.

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Need identification

First we identify your specific needs.

step 2

Conceptual design

To provide you with the most optimum solution we design from a broad perspective in terms of systems and suppliers. The result is an agreement on the conceptual design.

step 3

Investment indication

Pre-engineering and a primary choice for suppliers lead to an indication of the budget.

step 4

Supplier contracting / equipment procurement

We take the lead in supplier contracting. We organise the purchase, so it is a ‘one stop shop’ for you!

step 5

Project management

Detailed engineering, planning and factory acceptance tests will be managed by us. An integrated solution is the outcome.

step 6

Installation and Commissioning

We coordinate the installation of your equipment on-site and make sure all suppliers are involved.

step 7

Start-up and Training

To make sure your organisation is able to produce the required product quality, Mr. IB will personally hand over the production line and train your people.

step 8

Monitoring and Service

With overall equipment efficiency software we will continue to monitor the performance of your production.

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