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Frans van der Schoot 
35+ years of experience in consulting, engineering, design and installation of (semi) industrial bakeries, positioning him as one of the world leaders in his domain.


Dewanand Mahadew
Consultant / Business Development


Cor Zwolle

Cor Zwolle
Senior Project Engineer
45+ years of experience and knowledge related to the building, equipment, products, processes, regulations, construction and control in the bakery industry. Developing total bakery process- and logistic concepts with his innovative “out of the box” approach for the design of new concepts and production methods.


Jurgen Kruis

Jurgen Kruis 
Bakery Specialist
15+ years of experience as a Baker, Bakery Engineer and Project Manager in the
bakery industry, serving bakeries from artisan to industrial sizes.


Rino van der Burght
Project Manager


Wim van der Schoot
Sales & Accountmanager


Martine Connor-Stiegelis
Sales Coordinator