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Bakery concepts; what we offer

Integrated Bakery offers innovative bakery concepts, that can be uniquely positioned and customized for each specific market. Our professional bakery consultants have many years of experience in a large variety of markets, which allows us to develop and optimize our bakery concepts. They represent a packaged service where the business opportunity is strategically combined with a pre-identified technical solution. The unique concepts are highly suitable for investors who would like to aim for high value creation in their specific area, rather than compete with the market titans on commoditized products. The suggested bakery products are often introduced into specific markets as a pioneering category, offering the targeted consumers added value on:
  • Variety: Why not excite our taste buds with interesting new baked goods?
  • Quality: Why buy snacks loaded with doubtful ingredients when you can treat yourself and your family to healthier alternatives?
  • Convenience: Why not have a baked fresh meal-replacer on the go in your busy life?
Such introductions are strategically positioned to enlarge the total market size into new dimensions, rather than stepping into an established category and cannibalize existing market shares. Contact us to find out more about the fit between our variety of bakery concepts and your market.