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What is the FFF Bakery Concept?

The FFF Bakery Concept is all about setting up an industrial, semi-automated, wholesale bakery facility with immense flexibility of production. The concept is designed to serve the food retail, catering and food service companies with a large variety of pre-baked frozen products.

Today’s consumer expects a well layered croissant, a moist muffin, a fresh panini and a perfected tiramisu on every occasion he steps into the neighbourhood coffee shop. But this need extends further towards the desire to have excitingly varying experiences of these treats. Variety in time (winter different than summer) and in space (different products in different coffee shops).

What we have done at Integrated Bakery is think forward and reason backwards into what the end user (the Food Service counter) and the consumer of the bakery product actually need; a wide range of freshly baked goods, just as the coffee is freshly brewed.

Frans van der Schoot

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