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What is the FFF Bakery Concept?

The FFF Bakery Concept is all about setting up an industrial, semi-automated, wholesale bakery facility with immense flexibility of production. The concept is designed to serve the food retail, catering and food service companies with a large variety of pre-baked frozen products.

Today’s consumer expects a well layered croissant, a moist muffin, a fresh panini and a perfected tiramisu on every occasion he steps into the neighbourhood coffee shop. But this need extends further towards the desire to have excitingly varying experiences of these treats. Variety in time (winter different than summer) and in space (different products in different coffee shops).

What we have done at Integrated Bakery is think forward and reason backwards into what the end user (the Food Service counter) and the consumer of the bakery product actually need; a wide range of freshly baked goods, just as the coffee is freshly brewed.


Bakery concept in Numbers

  • Daily Capacity: More than 6 up to 14 tons/day
  • Investment - production equipment: Up to $1.4 up to 3.3 million
  • Number of production employees: Up to 26 up to 43 employees/shift
  • Sales Potentials*: More than $5 up to 10 million/year
  • Margin on Material*: > $2.5 up to 5 million/year
* Numbers to be fine-tuned according to project’s geographical location

Concept Uniqueness

  • Medium level of automation, granting a higher amount of production flexibility for each of the many product categories
  • Maximum consistency in space and time
  • More than 300 different pre-baked frozen products can be produced within this concept, highly appreciated for hotel, restaurant and café focused businesses
  • Quick response to customer’s demand
  • Serve fresher products to the customers
  • Elasticity on the margins
  • Reduction of waste to a minimal
  • Produce to stock and not produce to sell (higher control)
  • Higher return on investment
  • The concept is easily expandable in any direction the business finds itself growing, one of the advantages of building a flexible set up around the assets
  • The product can have up to 6 months shelf life without adding preservatives
  • The product creates a sticky proposition for the customer (driving competition further away)
  • Super strong nutritive claims can be designed and incorporated.
Did you know that Fresh From Frozen ends up being fresher than ambient fresh production? Did you also know that pre-baked frozen products are one of the cleanest bakery products having no preservatives in their recipe? Call us now for a free frozen bakery session on how we can help you with this solid investment opportunity for your emerging market.

Hottest Markets for pre-baked frozen products

The Fresh From Frozen Bakery Concept is the smart industrial investment for countries with emerging economies. These countries have one thing in common; the quick service restaurants, coffee shops, bakery counters, sandwicheries, hotels and other format food service counters thrive. This is the result of high willingness of young investors to step into the Food & Beverage industry from the narrowest available door, with smaller and smarter investment sizes. When approaching the entrepreneurs with solutions that will allow them to scrap off half of their kitchen space and equipment budget, they will surely lend you their attention with high interest. Integrated Bakery has a high focus to introduce the FFF Bakery Concept in countries such as Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan and many more. These are economies with millions of consumers that are still struggling to efficiently get a wide variety of pre-baked frozen goods (ready to finish) for their hotels, restaurants and other food service counters.

Sales and Distribution Channels

The commonly known hotel, restaurant and café channel is the main targeted distribution channel. Various formats of hotels and restaurants are slowly but surely embracing the change from traditional food preparation techniques into a more convenient, consistent and efficient model. Many catering companies who are targeting large volume accounts such as the airlines are finding high convenience in adopting the Fresh From Frozen products on many of their traveler’s food trays.

Turn-key bakery solution

Integrated Bakery offers a turn-key bakery solution around this unique bakery concept. We have compiled a tremendous amount of knowledge around it on four fronts:
  • Product market combinations
  • Technology around the bakery ingredients
  • Recipe and bakery process
  • The technical solution that will be delivered with guaranteed results
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