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The Individually Wrapped Pizza Concept is a natural extension of the fast-paced life that most countries are facing nowadays. There is nothing new about baking pizzas, but the pizza concept’s uniqueness resides in the simplicity of the production methodology and the cutting-edge technology in the packaging and distribution model. A technology that would not touch or change the product integrity, allowing the consumer to still enjoy a highly convenient, natural and healthy snack, on the go, in the office, at school, at home etcetera.

Concept in numbers

  • Daily Capacity: More than 5 to 7 tons/day
  • Investment – production equipment: Up to $1.2 million
  • Number of production employees: Up to 7 employees/shift
  • Sales Potentials*: More than $15 million/year
  • Margin on Material*: > $10 million/year

* Numbers to be fine-tuned according to project’s geographical location

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