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The Individually Wrapped Pizza Concept is a natural extension of the fast-paced life that most countries are facing nowadays. There is nothing new about baking pizzas, but the pizza concept’s uniqueness resides in the simplicity of the production methodology and the cutting-edge technology in the packaging and distribution model. A technology that would not touch or change the product integrity, allowing the consumer to still enjoy a highly convenient, natural and healthy snack, on the go, in the office, at school, at home etcetera.

Concept in numbers

  • Daily Capacity: More than 5 to 7 tons/day
  • Investment – production equipment: Up to $1.2 million
  • Number of production employees: Up to 7 employees/shift
  • Sales Potentials*: More than $15 million/year
  • Margin on Material*: > $10 million/year

* Numbers to be fine-tuned according to project’s geographical location


Pizza Concept Uniqueness

For a long time, conveniently packaged snacks (cupcakes, croissant, swiss rolls) were always associated with high sugar, high fat content and a high dosage of undesired ingredients. With the technological advancement reaching not only ingredients, but also processing technologies, Integrated Bakery is now able to build a solution around healthy savory snacks. This solution can be adapted for a clever distribution model, that can please both the consumer and the investor. This unique bakery snack features quite a lot of advantages for both the investor as well as the consumer:
  • Produced as a bakery product while sold as a snack product which has a high gross margin
  • Enjoys a great margin
  • Wide flavoring possibilities and geographical adaptations
  • Medium to high level of automation
  • Clean labeled ingredients utilization
  • Clever and convenient meal replacement alternative
  • The product should keep a short shelf life, no preservatives needed
  • Efficient distribution network is a must
  • The product can be positioned to go against established unhealthy alternatives such as the long shelf life filled croissants, filled puffs etcetera
  • Can be produced in different level of topping richness
  • Super Strong Nutritive Claims can be designed and incorporated

Hottest Markets

By nature, the Pizza concept, composed of a simple baked dough with literally “any kind of topping” is a versatile proposition. Many countries around the globe have embraced the product, keeping it in its original Italian format or tweaking it into some sorts of local preferences. The individually wrapped version will have high penetrability to markets ready to widen their convenience proposition in the retail stores, such as Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Ethiopia and other African countries.

Sales and Distribution Channels

The targeted sales channels would mainly be the modern (Hypermarkets, Supermarkets) and classical trade stores (Convenience stores) and the booming Specialty Healthy Stores. Since it is a healthy snack it can be positioned in the supermarket in many places; you can safely introduce it to school canteens as an alternative to unhealthy snacks. Furthermore, it is also quite easy to create larger volume packs destined to be sold through the Food Service channels, serving the hotel, restaurant and catering businesses.

Turn-key Solution

Integrated Bakery offers a turn-key bakery solution around this unique pizza concept. We have compiled a tremendous amount of knowledge around it on four fronts:
  • Product market combinations
  • Technology around the bakery ingredients
  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • The technical solution that will be delivered with guaranteed results
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