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What is Pita Chips?

Pita chips is a double baked bread made from pita with a seasoned crunch. You can use Pita chips as a substitute for potato and tortilla chips, crackers and bread, but it will also be a beloved dipping chips/snack in hummus, labneh, salsas and other pastes. Adding it as croutons to a salad gives a lovely bite. This baked snack can be locally flavored for a variety of markets.

Concept in numbers

  • Daily Capacity: More than 6 Tons/day
  • Investment – production equipment: Up to $1.5 Million
  • Number of production employees: Up to 4 employees/shift
  • Sales Potentials*: More than $11 Million/year
  • Margin on Material*: > $8 Million/year

* Numbers to be fine-tuned according to project’s geographical location

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