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What is Pita Chips?

Pita chips is a double baked bread made from pita with a seasoned crunch. You can use Pita chips as a substitute for potato and tortilla chips, crackers and bread, but it will also be a beloved dipping chips/snack in hummus, labneh, salsas and other pastes. Adding it as croutons to a salad gives a lovely bite. This baked snack can be locally flavored for a variety of markets.

Concept in numbers

  • Daily Capacity: More than 6 Tons/day
  • Investment – production equipment: Up to $1.5 Million
  • Number of production employees: Up to 4 employees/shift
  • Sales Potentials*: More than $11 Million/year
  • Margin on Material*: > $8 Million/year

* Numbers to be fine-tuned according to project’s geographical location


Pita Chips Concept Uniqueness

The health awareness in the world is rising fast. Pita Chips is the best of both worlds; flatbread and a snack in one. If you compare it with potato chips, which is the number 1 salty snack in the world, Pita Chips is baked instead of fried. It has 0 % cholesterol, 0 % trans-fat, no added sugars and can sustain high fiber contents. This unique bakery snack features quite a lot of advantages for both the investor as well as for the consumer:
  • Produced as a bakery product while sold as a snack product, which has a very high gross margin
  • One of the highest margin makers in the bakery and snacking industry
  • Unlimited flavoring possibilities and geographical adaptations
  • High level of automation
  • Clean labeled ingredients utilization
  • Naturally long shelf life, no preservatives needed, ease of distribution
  • Value for your invested money with a quick ROI
  • It is a proven snack in the west, Stacy’s being the best example
  • Can be produced with different levels of crispiness
  • Authentic Middle Eastern origins
  • Super Strong Nutritive Claims can be designed and incorporated
Did you know that Pita Chips is one of the highest margin makers within the bakery industry? Call us now to inquire about this lucrative bakery investment opportunity…
Pita Chips Concept

Hottest Markets

Due to its flavoring versatility and the fact that it is a healthy snack, this bakery concept can be widely introduced to various markets, no matter how distant and different they are. Middle Eastern and Arab countries being culturally closest to the product’s origin, flat Pita Bread, doesn’t make them exclusive in the product acceptability. Take Stacy’s being the leading brand of this category as an example; originated from the United States, which is half the globe away from the Middle East.

Sales and Distribution Channels

The targeted sales channels would mainly be the modern (Hypermarkets, Supermarkets) and classical trade stores (Convenience stores) and the booming Specialty Healthy Stores. Since it is a healthy snack, it can be positioned in the supermarket in many places; healthy food section, the fresh food section, next to the fresh dips and ready meals and next to the in-store bakery. You can safely introduce it to school canteens as an alternative to unhealthy snacks. Nevertheless, It is also quite easy to create larger volume packs destined to be sold through the Food Service channels, serving the hotel, restaurant and catering businesses.

Turn-key bakery solution

Integrated Bakery offers a turn-key bakery solution around this unique bakery concept. We have compiled a tremendous amount of knowledge around it on four fronts:
  • Product market combinations
  • Technology around the bakery ingredients
  • Recipe and bakery process
  • The technical solution that will be delivered with guaranteed results
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