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Bakery Amstelveld
The Netherlands

Industrial buns and rolls bakery

Bakery Amstelveld is one of the most modern industrial bakeries for the production of buns and rolls. As a family owned business they are specialized in baking soft buns and rolls for the hotel and restaurant branche, hotel / restaurant wholesalers and large-scale consumers. The entire production process is automated, which favours the quality of their products. A large part of the production is frozen through shock freezing immediately after packaging.



Danny Ilcken
Danny Ilcken

In 1998 we built our bakery in cooperation with Integrated Bakery, and they have been involved in all optimizations and expansions ever since. They are the extension piece of our own knowledge, with practical thinking along with our organisation as their strong point. Where an equipment manufacturer sometimes walks away from a problem, Integrated Bakery does not do this and always comes up with a suitable solution.

Customer need

Bakery Amstelveld invests in their future and contributes to sustainability. Thereby they accept the longer period for return of investment. To increase their capacity they had the need for a second production line. Integrated Bakery was hired in 2015 to advise the best solution to fit this need and, after that, develop and realize the chosen solution.

Bakery solution

The lay-out is designed, based on the several capacity calculations (depending on the process parameters and drawings).

Based on the lay-out, multiple solutions were an option. Since the realization of a second production line has a big impact on the current production, they started building the spiral freezer and realisation of an automated box packing and palletizing unit. The spiral freezer and packing department are connected to the existing line (which was built with the help of Integrated Bakery in 1998). Because of this, the line directly benefitted from the packing and palletizing unit and the wrapped pallets were able to get transported to the freezing/storage room directly by the AGV’s. Because of the bigger spiral freezer, the existing line could also run on full capacity for the new packages and products for which the old freezer was too small. This made it possible to delay the purchase of a second production line, for which the plans are ready.


Based on drawings and calculations, Integrated Bakery has requested proposals from suppliers who were approved and preferred by Bakery Amstelveld.

The proposals are put in matrixes and compared by us. A first selection of suppliers has visited the site to explain their offer and receive more details on the specific and additional wishes from Bakery Amstelveld. Afterwards these suppliers have adjusted their offer and, in close cooperation with Bakery Amstelveld, Integrated Bakery has chosen the suppliers who eventually received the order.

Following on this process, we have taken care of the complete project management. This included all stages of the project, amongst which the bakery techniques, needed constructional adjustments and installation techniques. This, of course, in close cooperation with the direction of Bakery Amstelveld.

Because the large spiral freezer needed to be built on a platform to create space for the case packing, with a minimum of columns, we were leading in the design of the foundation, steel construction, management of the constructor, supplier of the spiral freezer and steel fabrication company. An architect was only hired for the building request, the necessary drawings and contact with local authorities. The request for the selection of the building contractor was made by Integrated Bakery.

Project details

  • Spiral Freezer; belt width 600, belt length 1000 m, double tower
  • Case erector for folding cases with hotmelt closing
  • Case packing with 2 vision and delta robots, 15 boxes per minute
  • Boxcloser with tape
  • Label printers and dispensers
  • Label scanning
  • Palletising robot; grabs empty pallets from a stack, stacks boxes in different patterns
  • Pallet transport including inline wrapping with stretch foil
  • Pallet labeling
  • Transmit to pick position of AGV
Frans van der Schoot

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