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Bakery automation project
Outside of Europe

Industrial volume with artisanal methods

The bakery automation project was executed for a company that has various brands of restaurants and bakery outlets. Everything they sell is home-made in their own production facilities. They have a wide assortment of cakes, loafs and all kinds of buns with and without homemade fillings. A very high product quality and craftsmanship are key values for the company.


Customer need

The bakery is divided over four floors. At the first floor the bread production is located. The processes to produce the daily bread are very labour-intensive. To be able to produce the forecasted sales, the bakery urgently needs to automate their production methods. Together with a higher level of automation there is also a need to maintain the flexibility. Their product assortment is very large, which leads to small production runs. In the past recent years the customer has explored the market for solutions but did not succeed.

Bakery Solution

Integrated Bakery has developed a unique combination of several techniques to be able to offer maximum flexibility in combination with the highest level of automation for the bakery to produce their specialties.

The customer gave us the position of System Integrator. Which means that we do not only developed the solution but also delivered the equipment, tested, trained and transferred the bakery project. Even the reconstruction of the production area was supported by Integrated Bakery.

Al bakery equipment comes from West-European suppliers. A challenging task was bringing in the big parts of equipment since the bakery is on the first floor and production did not stopped.

After the installation we started with the commissioning in 4 phases.

The project was more than only bring in new equipment and techniques. The production team had learned to work with the new high-tech installation. And most important, this also requires another mind-set of the complete production organisation. Therefore also training of the production team and management support was part of this successful project.

Project details

  • Bun line with intermediate proofer for different types of buns and family loafs.
  • Final proofing is done at new racks in the existing proofer.
  • Automatic rack unloader for baking trays, followed by a conveyor for pre-baked finishing and decoration.
  • 2 multideck ovens with a robot for loading and unloading of the decks.
  • After the integrated cooling solution, the trays are transported to the packaging department.
  • At the end of the line, a rack loader brings the empty trays back to the production line.


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