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Chocolatier Verleye

Customer introduction

Chocolatier Verleye was founded in Turnhout (Belgium) in 1993. They specialise in the production of different kinds of Belgian chocolates, in Belgium often called “pralines”. The chocolatier built a reputation of good quality over the years by using only 100% fresh and pure ingredients. On request of their very satisfied customers they have expanded the assortment with a variety of fine pastries and dessert-cookies.

Chocolatier Verleye distinguishes himself by producing on a large scale, but in an artisan way, guaranteeing high quality and flexibility.



Jan Verleye
Jan Verleye

Integrated Bakery brought in the technical knowledge that I needed for the realisation of the new building. With the right technical solution and good communication, we have realised a facility I am very proud of.

Customer need

The rising demand for high quality pralines, in combination with the increasing standards for production facilities, relating to regulations and certifications, made Jan Verleye decide to build a completely new production facility. The new production facility had to be able to meet the future capacity growth. Also, a new concept was developed and introduced in collaboration with celebrity chef Bart Desmidt: BbyB.

Jan Verleye is a chocolatier/patissier in heart and soul and needed a knowledgable partner who could help him with the development of the new production facility and guide the building process. This way, Jan Verleye could keep his focus on the things he enjoyes the most: design and produce chocolates!

Bakery solution

Integrated Bakery was involved from the very beginning of the project. In collaboration with the architect and Jan Verleye himself, a surprisingly beautiful and functional facility which could house the atelier was developed. Integrated Bakery took care of managing everything relating to the inner construction and finishing. The architect dealt with the outside construction and finishing.

Furthermore, towards the technical solution we have done the planning (bakery lay-out) as well as taken care of the realisation and the project management. Hence a total solution.

Project details

In terms of the project lay-out, a central corridor was designed from where the different production areas are easily reached. Almost the entire building has an accessible ceiling where the technical installations are situated. This made it possible to make a sleek and hygienic design for the production areas with the least possible piping system, an epoxy trowel floor and wall protecting skirting boards.

The new production facility of Chocolatier Verleye was put into operation in spring 2014. It turned out as an exquisite production facility with a high level of finishing, hygiene, climate control and sustainability.

Frans van der Schoot

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Frans van der Schoot

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