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Delightful Foods
Mumbai, India

Dessert factory

Bharat Vasandani, Founder and CEO of Delightful Foods wanted to create a new category in the rapidly growing packaged food industry in India by building a state-of-the-art frozen dessert production plant in Mumbai (start-up). Together with Integrated Bakery he conceptualized the bakery in 2012 and started establishing the bakery in 2013. In November 2016 the production started.



Bharat Vasandani
Bharat Vasandani

After a successful feasibility study completed by Integrated Bakery, we assigned the team to start with the complete project execution of our frozen dessert production plant in Mumbai. The very experienced IB team were pleasant partners in the project.

Customer need

Delightful Foods wanted to bring high quality packaged European cakes to Indian consumers. They wanted to start with a market research and pre-feasibility study to get to know the viability of building a frozen dessert production plant in Mumbai. In terms of quality they wanted to do no concessions. They were looking for a western partner in business that oversees the enormous possibilities in the bakery industry in terms of; product, bakery techniques, systems and brands.

Bakery Solution

First we completed the bakery pre-feasibility study that gave insights on the needed investment, production capabilities, potential returns and details on project implementations, should the project move ahead.

Afterwards Integrated Bakery was engaged by Delightful Foods for the establishment of the bakery production facility (newly built facility) that consisted of; bakery product development, plan development, equipment procurement, installation management, commissioning and training of the production staff.

High hygienic standard is of great importance since it concern very often unbaked products were the chance for contamination is much higher.

Project details

  • 15.000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art temperature controlled semi- automated bakery production facility in Mumbai
  • In-house R&D lab and testing facilities
  • A quality bakery equipment from Europe
  • Emphasis on hygiene, safety & automation (European standard)
  • Flexible system to process multiple types of products across various dessert categories
  • Produces frozen and ambient cakes
  • Continuous production capacity of 400 kg/hour; this can be increased to 600 kg/hour with minimal investment. And the facility is further scalable.
  • Complete bakery inventory; mixers, automated assembly line, cake cutting machine, blast freezer, ovens, packaging machinery.
  • Own water purifying installation
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