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Euro Pizza Products (New York Pizza)
The Netherlands

Premium quality pizza dough

Euro Pizza Products is a producer of a range of pizza-related products since 1993. Delivering high quality pizza dough and other related products to customers both nationally and internationally.

The company was founded initially as supplier of the restaurant chain ‘New York Pizza’, which has grown into the largest pizza franchise chain of the Netherlands. Euro Pizza Products kept pace with the growth of New York Pizza and meanwhile have become supplier to a large number of well-known pizza chains, caterers, hotels, wholesalers and theme parks.

The company continues to grow.



Philippe Vorst
Philippe Vorst

We look at Integrated Bakery as a partner in business. Because of the good collaboration we only need limited knowledge of our equipment. The transfer of know-how and the advice we get from Integrated Bakery is imperative for Euro Pizza Products. For that reason we have been using the services of Integrated Bakery since 1997.

Customer need

Since the set-up and development of the first production location, Integrated Bakery has taken on the full development, management and execution of the projects within the bakery. For example; conceptualizing the solution, designing the bakery lay-out, sending out requests for proposals and taking care of the bakery project management. The latest bakery project was to come up with a solution for the increasing demand for pizza dough balls.

Bakery Solution

To meet this increasing demand, an expansion of the production capacity was needed. This was done by adding an extra dough processing line and increasing the capacity through automation and switching to in-line freezing and packaging.

The production expansion needed to be realized within the available floor area in the current production facility. Moving the production to another plant was not desirable. Besides that, the increasing production needed more cooling space. The needed space was created by breaking down the old, low-ceilinged bakery and building a new bakery with an additional floor on the same grounds. To realize this, a temporary production space was built in the storage room and for the time being, a shock freezer was placed in the loading area. In the new building, the dough is made and rounded on the first floor. The spiral freezer transports the dough balls to the ground floor where they are packaged and palletized. The fresh products for New York Pizza are put in special pizza crates on the first floor, after which a specially designed elevator transports them to the ground floor where they are lead, directly into a walking beam inside the cold storage room.

Frans van der Schoot

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