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Maxim’s Caterers Ltd. (project in execution)

Industrial volume with artisanal methods

Maxim’s Caterers Ltd. is a big group of companies active in several divisions. They have various brands of restaurants and bakery outlets. The HQ is in Hong Kong, but the outlets can be found in several countries in the Asian region. Everything they sell is home-made. They have a wide assortment of cakes, loafs and all kinds of buns with and without homemade fillings. Quality and craftsmanship are key values for Maxim’s.


Customer need

The bakery of Maxim’s in Tai Po Industrial area is divided over four floors. On one floor the bread is produced. The processes to produce the daily bread are very labour-intensive. To be able to produce the forecasted sales, Maxim’s urgently needs to automate their production methods. Together with a higher level of automation there is also an need to maintain the flexibility. Their product assortment is very large which leads to small production runs. In the past recent years maxims has explored the market for solutions but did not succeed.     

Bakery Solution

IB has developed a unique combination of several existing techniques to be able to offer maximum flexibility and the highest level of automation for Maxim’s to produce their specialties.

Olaf Abi Aad

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