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Tak Nan Jonoub Food Industries

Best toast bread of Iran

The Tak Nan Jonoub industrial bakery facility is owned by the third generation of a family with roots in the milling industry. In the state-of-the-art production facility, with equipment manufactured in Europe, a wide range of bakery products is produced, such as crackers, cookies & biscuits, lavash bread, croissants, berliner / doughnuts and sweet bread. Today, Tak Nan Jonoub produces 70 tons of products per day with local flour, positioning the company as the biggest and most modern food industries group in South-West Iran. High quality products produced with A-quality European equipment under highest possible hygiene circumstances are the main drivers of their success.



Rasoul Meysami Fard
Rasoul Meysami Fard

We wanted to start with the production of toast bread but had a limited budget. Integrated Bakery approached the project from a very broad perspective in terms of product, bakery systems, brands, new and used bakery equipment, installation and training. The result; we produce the best toast bread of Iran with a semi-automated solution with a combination of used and new machines. The advice of Integrated Bakery also saved us an investment in 3 rack ovens (€ 90.000). I highly recommend Integrated Bakery as such a project goes beyond buying bakery equipment.

Customer need

The owners, two brothers, have a lot of international (product) knowledge. They wanted to expand their product portfolio and from Europe they knew the tasteful toast bread. It was noticed that this quality of toast bread was not available in the Iranian market but the need was there. They wanted to produce the best toast bread of Iran, but had a limited budget for the equipment. Integrated Bakery was (after a successful implementation of a croissant & berliner line) assigned to deliver equipment combined with (process) knowledge to successfully realize the project.

Bakery solution

The scope of the IB services for this project:

  • Supply of a semi-automated bakery solution
  • Technical start-up
  • Training of the bakery team and the maintenance team
  • Development of a recipe for toast bread 480 and 730 gram (finished product)
  • Define recipe and process parameters
  • Deliverance of standard operating procedures

Since the budget was limited, a completely new and high quality bakery solution would not be possible. The owners were also open for used bakery equipment. We found a completely overhauled WP Haton toast bread line which fitted the identified need and budget.

Beside the delivery of the used toast bread line, we also delivered new machines to complete the semi-automated solution; baking tins, proofer, rack ovens, cooling system and a slicing & packaging machine.

The reference product in Germany, Harry’s butter toast, was purchased and we analyzed the ingredients and recipe. We developed a recipe and contacted the local ingredient supplier to determine the best suitable improvers together.

We have installed the line together with the engineers of Tak Nan and sent our bakery specialist over to start-up the line. During this visit our bakery specialist introduced pre-dough. Finally the recipe in combination with pre-dough was defined and determined during the start up.

Our customer was very satisfied. We went beyond the technical start-up of the line. We also ensured the right product came of the line and arranged financial services via the Rabobank.

The production and sale of the toast bread has been started successfully.

Frans van der Schoot

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