We've been integrated!
  • Flexible & tailored bakery solutions
  • Your project, our responsibility
  • Selling & sourcing of used bakery equipment

Once the need of the customer is clearly identified, Integrated Bakery focusses on the development of the best technical bakery solutions, since our roots are in the bakery engineering. With our passionate team of professionals we always strive for the most optimum bakery result. We bring together the most appropriate bakery equipment from reliable suppliers. A turn-key delivery of the bakery project and taking responsibility for the final result is also part of our commitment to the project. 

Our most distinguishing value compared to equipment manufacturers and/or suppliers

Integrated Bakery is not an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), which is the most important distinguishing value towards our customers. Why? We are not forced to sell what our factory can produce, simply because we do not produce equipment. Furthermore, we do not need to sell what generates the highest profit margin therefore we work on the bakery project from a broader perspective.

It goes without saying that Integrated Bakery knows all the OEMs with their solutions and embedded strength and weaknesses and is able to choose the right system for the determined need of the project. Not being an OEM enables us to choose from various ways of production (bakery systems), various equipment brands and, if helpful, work out solutions (partly) based on second-hand bakery equipment. Furthermore Integrated Bakery has more focus on the product and the people side than OEMs. We develop the plan for your bakery project and will deliver the best bakery solution for the identified need, the required capacity and within your available budget.

Our team of bakery experts serve you the best bakery solutions

Our team of bakery experts has broad process knowledge and experience and can therefore oversee which systems can be best deployed for which process to achieve the best result. They combine both technical and process experience. Beside choosing the right bakery system, they combine systems and develop new bakery solutions. Our bakery experts are excellent in ‘out of the box’ thinking!

Customized bakery solutions or a bakery concept?

Are you looking for a customized bakery solution or does a ‘ready to go’ bakery concept suit your business strategy better? Integrated Bakery can help you with both. We have two directions that we work with towards the market. We either develop a solution towards the customer need or we can provide bakery concepts to the customer. In case of a bakery concept, we can offer our customers well developed bakery product(ion) concepts at various levels of investment. In case of a customized bakery solutions, Integrated Bakery can act as a System Integrator.