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flexible production automation 4.0
Frans van der Schoot
Frans van der Schoot 3 minutes read

Flexible Production Automation 4.0

The last decade has witnessed heavy investments in mass production lines by many large players in the bakery market. These lines are highly automated but only capable of producing a small range of different products. They can’t handle variations in processing (e.g. proofing, baking and cooling) and/or frequent change-overs. How are the automation possibilities for mid-sized bakeries who are generally operating in the fresh market and are challenged by the need to deliver a wide range of fresh baked products on a daily basis?

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Romanian partnership
Cynthia Jansen
Cynthia Jansen 2 minutes read

Integrated Bakery and Dubet are strengthening their operations in Romania through partnership with Liviu Negreanu

Integrated Bakery and Dubet have been handling bakery projects in Romania and surrounding countries from The Netherlands. Growth and transformation of the bakery sector in Romania are the key reasons for entering into a partnership with Liviu Negreanu from the company Lear Comimpex and further expand the business in Romania. Liviu Negreanu will represent both companies locally from his office in Bucharest.

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Cynthia Jansen
Cynthia Jansen 3 minutes read

Vermaut’s Boerenbrood chooses a used line with the help of Dubet and Integrated Bakery

Vermaut’s Boerenbrood from the Belgian town Lendelede recently had an urgent need for capacity expansion for the tin bread production. A requirement for the capacity expansion, was a short payback time on the investment. The solution for their business case turned out to be a used bakery production line. I spoke with Alain Daniels, COO of Vermaut’s Boerenbrood and my colleague Rino van der Burght (sister company Dubet) about this challenging project.

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