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Integrated Bakery and Dubet have been handling bakery projects in Romania and surrounding countries from The Netherlands. Growth and transformation of the bakery sector in Romania are the key reasons for entering into a partnership with Liviu Negreanu from the company Lear Comimpex and further expand the business in Romania. Liviu Negreanu will represent both companies locally from his office in Bucharest.

Liviu Negreanu has been active in the bakery industry for more than 40 years, inheriting the passion for bakery design and innovation from his parents who were innovators in the field of mills and bakeries in Romania. Liviu worked in different fields such as bakery design, maintenance and commissioning. With the accumulated experience, he worked for the last 25 years as representative for many bakery equipment suppliers from all over Europe.

Romania is a bread eating country. Currently there are many small artisan bakeries in Romania and a couple of big industrial bakeries. Looking to the rising demand for fresh and healthy bakery products, there will be a need for the artisan bakeries to grow into semi-industrial bakeries. Besides there is a drive in Romania to reduce the imported volumes as 80 % off the frozen products that are sold, are imported from foreign countries. And there is also a need for utilities expertise when building a new factory, engineering capacity, installation and commissioning, all this expertise’s are needed for a semi-industrial bakery projects.

‘In Romania there are so far no suppliers who are offering integrated bakery solutions and services. Semi-industrial bakery solutions requires knowledge of available solutions from different (unkown) suppliers and ‘out of the box’ engineering. These are two of our most distinguishing values’, says Dewanand Mahadew, CCO of Integrated Bakery and Dubet. ‘For clients with a smaller budget, Dubet and Integrated Bakery can integrate second hand equipment or a combination of new and second hand’, continues Dewanand.

‘With the support of Liviu we aim to become a leading services provider to Romanian bakeries and enable the sector to increase its quality and profitability.  With our two organisations we are in a perfect position to bring a lot of international bakery expertise to the Romanian market. Through our formula we enable the Romanian bakery to get a high residual asset value, while at the same time, with our technical expertise, we enable the buyer to produce high quality products with low capital investment’, concludes Dewanand Mahadew.

In the meantime Integrated Bakery and Dubet are already engaged in the development of a new bakery project and have been approached by an existing Romanian industrial bakery to sell their existing plants that will be out of production soon.



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