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Last week I visited Interpack in Düsseldorf for the second time to do some shopping for and with our customers. Of course, I also (re)visited suppliers and got familiar with the latest trends and innovations within the bakery industry.

The Interpack exhibition just keeps getting bigger and gaining importance. The number of visitors has set another record this year and 74% of them was a decisive buyer! Also the special section ‘Processes and machinery for confectionery and bakery’ was a lot bigger than the edition of 2014. The stands from Haas Food Equipment, Sollich, Baker, Perkins and GEA were huge and stood out from all the rest. Remarkable was that a few of the big suppliers like Kaak and Rademaker chose not to participate as an exhibitor.

I still notice that a lot of people think that Interpack is exclusively for packaging machines. This is far beyond the truth. Interpack represents packaging machines and machines for the processing industry for a wide amount of industries, including the bakery industry.

Innovations in the bakery industry

Looking at the latest innovations within our branch, I must say the most striking one for me is the AGV (Auto Guided Vehicle) for bakeries of Van den Akker Engineering. A fully autonomous AGV for the bakery industry, suitable for transporting trolleys with baking trays and able to detect and avoid obstacles on his path.

Auto Guided Vehicle

Watch the movie:

More novelties within our industry:

Vacuum Cooling

This technology already exists for several years but remains widely unknown. The first demonstration for me was at Interpack and I was very impressed when seeing the effects on the quality of the product! Watch the movies below to discover the many other benefits of this technology.

BVT Batch Vacuum cooling video

BVT Continuous Vacuum cooling video

BAS 360, Bakery analysing software

An overall control system for your industrial bakery. Provides high quality feedback on your product and is able to trace your products 24/7.

PFM, DX SERIES, 480 Pouches p/m

New packaging equipment in a horizontal form. Fills and seals with a capacity of an astonishing 480 stand-up pouches per minute!

Foodjet Printing Systems

Although not a completely new innovation, still a very interesting technology. The Foodjet printing systems produces 2D food printing systems which can deposit different shapes and patterns on underrunning products with a very high capacity and accuracy!

The next edition of Interpack will be in May 2020. At the moment we are preparing for Gulfood Manufacturing taking place at the end of October/beginning of November in Dubai World Trade Centre. You will be hearing more on this later.

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