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System integrators can take care of many aspects such as customised solution fitting needs and budget. Control of the entire project, unburdening fully the client, and the project originator dealing with a single supplier that guarantees the total performance.

“Bakeries must be or become market/consumer-driven instead of manufacturing-led.”

Worldwide, there are thousands of large bakeries, however, the number of qualified technology/

equipment suppliers (OEMs) is limited with the majority delivering complete “mono” systems comprising the whole range of equipment from silo to packaging. These are systems for mass production.

Besides the ongoing transition and increasing seasonal impacts, COVID-19 has re-emphasised the need to adapt and position the output of bakeries around the changing demands of consumers. There is need for bakery solutions that are optimised and future-proof e.g. solutions that allow for flexibility to handle the varying demands, comprising of the most appropriate technologies and equipment, from multiple suppliers, to meet parameters as needs, multi-functionality and budget.

Please find our article OPTIMISED & FUTURE-PROOF BAKERY SOLUTIONS in the spring edition of BakingEurope on page 38.


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