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Bakery System Integration
Frans van der Schoot
Frans van der Schoot 7 minutes read

Bakery System Integration and setting up a bakery

“Setting up a (semi) industrial bakery requires the integration of individual bakery systems into one complete working system, from ingredient handling to final packaging or beyond that (dispatch and distribution). This is a System Integrator’s reason to exist”, thus Frans van der Schoot. With 35 years of experience in consulting, plant design and installation, he shares how baking businesses work and grow, and what makes him a Bakery System Integrator. Read the complete article published in European Baker & Biscuit Magazine.

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start-up bakery production line
Jurgen Kruis
Jurgen Kruis 3 minutes read

Bakery startup a matter of plug & play?

Our customers are usually impatient after the installation of a new bakery production line and want to start producing as soon as possible. They have the mind-set that after installation (plug) it is only a matter of ‘play’. I travel all around the world to startup bakeries, together with customers and suppliers, and I will tell you about the 4 phases we go through during the start-up of a bakery in order to make it successful.

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