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Dubet, as a subsidiary of Integrated Bakery, has been serving the global bakery industry for more than 20 years with second hand production lines and equipment. We have realised many successful projects in different markets, across the various segments within the bakery industry. 

We differentiate from other players in the market through our knowledge-based approach; we are not just equipment traders or re-sellers, we assist our selling and buying clients in obtaining the most out of their asset through customised technical support.

The Global Bakery Industry is in Transition

However, the global bakery industry is going through a new transition since the past 3 years. Both “Selling clients” (asset owners) as well as “Buying clients” are in need for a more inclusive approach in the process of selling assets and/or in decision making to acquire (new) assets. They prefer partners who can unburden them, so that they can focus on production. And, this is exactly the key differentiator of Integrated Bakery as a System Integrator in the development and implementation of new bakery projects.

Dubet incorporated in Integrated Bakery

Therefore, we have decided to incorporate Dubet, as a business unit, within Integrated Bakery with a focus on “Low CAPEX Bakery Solutions”. While the business formula, approach and value proposition of Dubet will remain unchanged, the incorporation within Integrated Bakery will bring many additional advantages to both sellers and buyers.

How does it effect me as buying client?

For “Buying Clients” this incorporation means that Integrated Bakery can undertake the implementation of second hand production plants as a turnkey contract with performance guarantees and including training of their staff. The additional services include redesign and or extensions to the existing second hand plant. As our client, you are fully unburdened and assured of a proper functioning Low CAPEX Solution. Needless to say that such a full package approach is significantly reducing the investment and operational risks for new entrants in the bakery industry.

How does it effect me as selling client?

Our “Selling Clients” will benefit from this merger due to the global network of Integrated Bakery. It will enable us to find the “right client” for their assets, including the possible necessity to find buyers outside their strategic markets. The advanced project management skills of Integrated Bakery will enable “Selling clients” to adhere to their own planning and produce till ‘the last day’.

In addition to the economic benefits, this approach has tremendous positive societal impacts:

  • CSR: it enables new entrants and smaller players to develop their own bakery operations for low cost. This is especially a fundamental vehicle to uplift the middle class in emerging markets;
  • CSR footprint: through cooperation in finding a “second life” for used assets, Corporates enhance their CSR footprint;
  • Environmental: from an environmental point of view reuse of production plants is a far better solution than scrapping it.

We are looking forward to continue our relationships with all existing clients and would like to invite all players in the global bakery industry to join our co-creation network.

On behalf of Integrated Bakery and Dubet
Frans van der Schoot

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  1. Excellent work plan.
    I consider the strategic plan very fortunate for companies wishing to carry out a restructuring of their production plant, and to be able to carry it out without stopping the march.
    Very interesting.

Frans van der Schoot

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