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Product specifications

Manufacturers: Sollich, Hosowaka, Brabender, GEI, Bradman, Yamato, Safeline, OPM
Year: 2003
Capacity: 1080 kg/h
– Single bar production 800 bars /minute
– Case production rate 18 cases per minute
For production of any type of sheeted product, such as Granola, fruit paste, biscuit, Flapjack, Pet food
Out of production, still in line
Sale outside Europe only

Consisting of:
– Syrup dosing and mixing system, consisting of:
– Hosokawa Terbraak Coolmix twin special 200
– 2×200 liter agitating holding tanks
– 1×100 liter mixing tank
– 5 pumps
– Steam injection
– Sugar tank
– CIP system and dry mix system
– Brabender DBW-G1-350 Conti Mixer: 300 to 700 kilograms per hour
– Hosokawa FP200-800 sheeting unit, 800 mm:
– MTB-400 oscillating feed conveyor
– EGW 350-800 sheeting roller
– 180-800 sheeting roller
– Kreater Hosokawa conveyor line consisting of:
– Cooling
– Evaporator
– Condenser, 20 meter HKK870 cooling tunnel
– Hosokawa SG 1000 slitter unit, 22 lanes
– MS 1000 EP/TB guillotine, belt conveyors
– Sollich LK1050 16 compartment cooling conveyor unit with Cereal bar stop/align unit
– 2 lane diverging conveyor, bar turning belt conveyor

Packaging line consisting of:
4x GEI Autowrappers Flowtronic 120 Flow Wrapper with crimping head, CFM vacuum/dust extraction, Yamato CSG 06LW-OOP Checkweigher Safeline metal Detector
Bradman Lake AMI Erector Twin Lane Carton Erector with Nordson glue system
Intralox conveyor Unit
1x Bradman Lake DRT KJ robotic bar loading system with ABB flex picker
1x Bradman Lake SFO carton closing system, with Nordson glue system
Conveyors with swan neck inclined conveyor, compensation stacker unit, cereal bar turning belt conveyor
3x OPM Robotic Bar Loading System with Nordson 3400V glue system:
1x OPM CCL carton sealer with Nordson Vista glue system
2x OPM FSV-D3 Twin Lane Carton Erector with Nordson400 glue system
Bradsman Lake Europack carton sealer and shrink tunnel

Brand , ,
Year 2003
Capacity 1080 kg/h
Location Western Europe
Machine number 788
In production? No
Sold Yes

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