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Product specifications

Manufacturers: Torfs, Eurotek
Year: 2004
Capacity: depending on product
Out of production, still in line

Consisting of:

Torfs cooling spiral
13 layers, 9cm between each layer
Maximum product height 7 cm
Belt length: 100 meter
Belt width: 400mm
Low infeed (820 mm) Height outfeed (2580)
Diameter 2900 mm
Total height 3000 mm

Eurotek shock freezer
Spiral 14 layers, 10 cm between layers
Maximum product height 80 mm
Belt length: 100 meter
Belt width: 400 mm
Height infeed 2580 mm, outfeed 700 mm
In stainless steel housing, outside dimensions 5,1 x 2,5 x 3m (L x W x H)

Both machines are synchronized in terms of speed, have the same belt length and therefore also the same residence time: cooling time = freezing time!
From core temperature of 98 degrees to -4 degrees in 10 minutes.

Cooling plant (Arco) in 20Ft container. Condenser on top of the container
Refrigerant R404A

Brand ,
Category ,
Year 2004
Capacity Depending on product
Location Western Europe
Machine number 831
In production? No

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