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Product specifications

Manufacturer: Den Boer
Year of manufacturing: 1993
Capacity: 360-400 trays per hour (800 x 600 mm)
Out of production, has been dismantled

Line consisting of: Final proofer, tray/product cooler, depanner, tray & product
conveyors and various auxiliary equipment

Den Boer Final proofer
Type: multi-level conveyors
Net. contents: 462 trays
Conveyor width : 800 mm.
Qty conveyors in width: 3 pcs.
Conveyor length: 13400 mm
Qty of levels: 8 pcs.
Enclosure: stainless steel insulated
Air conditioning: incl. steam booster

Den Boer cooling system
Type: multi-level conveyor
Net. contents: 315 trays
Conveyor width: 800 mm.
Qty conveyors in width: 3 pcs.
Conveyor length: 9500 mm.
Qty of levels: 8 pcs.
Enclosure: no
Cooling method: ambient

Den Boer depanner
Manufacturer: Den Boer
Type: in-line vacuum
Max. capacity: 400 trays/hr.
Conveyor width: 600 mm.

Electrical 220/380V – 3Ph – 50 Hz
Controlled with Siemens PLC

Year 1993
Capacity 360-400 trays per hour
Location Eastern Europe
Machine number 813
In production? No

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