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Product specifications

Manufacturer: Forma Makina, Arcan and Aasted
Year: 2015
Capacity: 2150 wafer sheets per hour
Location: Romania
For production of coated wafer finger
Out of production, still in line

Consisting of:
Forma Makina wafer batter production plant
– Stainless steel mixer and storage tank
– Automatic water feed
– Automatic discharge of batter
– Automatic batter feed to oven
Forma Makina automatic flat wafer baking ovens (GPF 3550-90)
– 90 baking plates, up to 38 sheets per minute
– Wafer dimensions: 350 x 500 mm
– Frequency controlled drive
– Automatic wafer take off
Wafer sheet coolers (YS-90), 90 sheets cooling capacity
Cream production plant (KO-TRT) consists of:
– 2x ball mill mixers
– Sugar grinding mill
– Vegetable fat melting tank (1500 liters)
– Vegetable fat melting tank (600 liters)
– 2x leveling fat tank
– 6x cream storage tank
– 9x cream pumps and double jacketed cream pipes
Automatic cream spreading machine (KST)
– Single head spreader
– Wafer sheet stacking station
– Cream circulation system
– Book forming station
– Cover sheet station with take-off system
– Pressing device
Wafer book cooling towers (ATWCT-200), designed for 6 sheets of wafer and 5 layers of cream
– Refrigerant R404A
– Cooling time between 5 and 15 minutes
Automatic wafer cutting machines (GKT), capacity up to 12 cuts per minute
– With automatic infeed unit
Wafer distribution device (GA), used to separate wafer fingers and feed them into an aligned arrangement into the enrober
Wafer discard mill (ID)
– Horizontal grinder to grind the waste wafers
Arcan chocolate enrobing line, 1400 mm in width including cooling tunnel
Aasted supernova chocolate tempering machine
Wafer discharge system (TB150T & BBU), system to align and direct ready to be packed wafers to the packaging machines.
3x Horizontal flowpack machine (YA-100)
Automatic product feeding systems (UBS) to feed finished products to the packaging machines
– Including holding belts that work as a buffer
Direct feeding system (DBS), with product control and eject unit, high speed feeding system
1x Horizontal flowpack machines (YA-300)

Electrical 3x 400 Volt – 50Hz

Brand ,
Year 2015
Capacity 2150 wafer sheets per hour
Location Romania
Machine number 886
In production? No
Sold Yes

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