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Product specifications

Manufacturer: Hartmann
Year: 2000, fully refurbished in 2018, serviced in 2022
Capacity: up to 3200 packs per hour, depending on product
Out of production

Line consisting of:
Slicer SL-50, year 2000

Welded machine frame painted in stainless steel.
Panels, doors and electrical cabinets or junction boxes made of stainless steel
Protective covers made of polycarbonate
Drive 5.5 kW
Variable speed conveyor system
Accumulative input conveyor for feeding the product for cutting
The position of the top and side conveyors is adjustable depending on the size of the product
The machine stops when the knife breaks
Pneumatic knife tensioner with automatic tension control
Knife guides with round fingers for one constant non-adjustable cutting thickness of 10mm / or 12mm
Two band knife lubrication systems next to the upper drum and next to the lower drum, including the oil pump
Output drive conveyor L- 800mm.
Double dividing plate for dividing bread in half
The machine is designed for slicing bread with a rye content of up to 100% and sizes
Product length: 160 – 400 mm
Product height: 50 – 180 mm

Bagger GBK-420, year 2000

Machine structure in the right version
Machine frame painted in stainless steel – Panels, doors, electrical cabinet, or control box made in stainless steel.
Protective covers made of polycarbonate
2 feeder paddles for vertical slices, for bread halves
Turning device for halves of bread
Product feed line by pushers, side rails made of stainless steel with horizontal plastic plates
Filter for cleaning compressed air in contact with food
Built-in self-cleaning vacuum filter (Jet filter)
Air suction from the product pusher
Device for automatic bag feeding
2 sets of package openers
Automatic conveyor for bag feeding
Automatic shutdown when there are no packages
Double clip roll holder
Thermo printer on clip tape, 6-digit
Rotary control panel

Product length: 160 – 400 mm
Product width: max. 260 mm
Product height: 50 – 170 mm

Automatic packaging conveyor for unsliced whole bread

Electrical : 3 x 400 V – 3 Ph – 50Hz

Year 2000
Capacity Depending on product
Location Ukraine
Machine number 838
In production? No
Sold Yes

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