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Product specifications

Model: Manju line 9000
Product weight: approx. 35 gram
Capacity: 9000 pieces per hour, by 4 minutes process time
Year: 2016
The line has hardly been used, total “on “time: 1744 hours
Out of production

Consisting of:
Infeed of the mould
Greasing of the mould
Depositing of dough, hopper capacity 150 liter
Depositing filling, hopper capacity 90 liter
Closing the bronze mould, 10 products per mould
Oven, gas heated, only been used for 930 hours
Oven burner system: Pyronics
10 burners
Turning system of moulds
Opening of the mould
Needle depanning
Discharge of the mould

Electrical 3x400V – 3 PH – 50 Hz
PLC controlled with Allan Bradley

Dimensions: L=8,5 meter, W=4,5 meter, H= 1,6 meter

Year 2016
Capacity 9000 pieces per hour, by 4 minutes process time
Location Eastern Europe
Machine number 816
In production? No

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