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Product specifications

Manufacturer: Mecatherm
Capacity: 3000 pieces / hour (depending on baking time and weight)
Weight range: 400 – 1100 gram
Year: 2005
Baking tray dimension: 1600×800 mm
Out of production, still in line

Consisting of:

  • 2 Pro Bake mixers with 3 bowls and bowl lifter


  • Make up Bloc PDM
  • Divider, model HD-PDM
  • Sandwich elevator belts
  • Resting chamber
  • Moulding make up section
  • 2- Lane tray depositing in baking tray


  • Proofer elevator system, model EPDN
    Capacity 72 baking trays
    Bypass system
    Distance between the levels 220 mm
    Product height 190 mm
    Enclosure by isolated panels
    Dimension: L=4,2 m W=4,2 m H=6,05 m
    Climate controlled
  • Robot for automatic depositing lids on the baking trays


  • Oven elevator system, model FPDM
    Capacity 48 baking trays
    Gas heated
    4 Riello burners
    Distance between the levels 220 mm
    Product height 170 mm
  • Robot for automatic take off lids from the baking trays
  • Continuous conveyor system with storage system for the lids
  • Automatic suction depanner

Baking tray handling

  • Continuous conveyor system for the baking pans including storage, stoppers, curves etc.
  • Baking tray storage, model GPDM
    Capacity 216 baking trays
  • Transfer conveyor for the products through the spiral cooler


  • Spiral cooler, model RS
    Belt type: Omnigrid B36-12-17
    Belt width 700 mm
    6 Levels, distance between the levels 250 mm
    Product height 200 mm
    Total belt length 85 m
    Belt speed adjustable

Electrical information : 3x400V – 3Ph – 50 Hz
Siemens PLC

Year 2005
Capacity 3000 pieces per hour
Location North America
Machine number 649
In production? No
Sold Yes

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