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Product specifications

Manufacturers: Shick Esteve, Aerzen and Scaime
Year of manufacturing: 2018
Location: Southern Europe
Out of production, still installed

Consisting of:

Empty station with door locking system, easy opening pistons, dust suction, protective grille to prevent the sack from falling.
Big- bag station with hoist up to 1500 kg for filling tanks
In the shipment of the ingredients to the micro ingredient tanks, it is done by aspiration passing these through a magnet to detect metal particles. All controlled by automation and Siemens screens.
Ingredient receiving tanks:
It consists of 5 Stainless Steel 304L tanks with vibration bottom extraction system, manhole for access and cleaning. and endless filling to the sieve and 1 Stainless Steel tank with dosing auger for salt. Capacity tanks: 250 kg
The 6 augers dose to a scale from the manufacturer Scaime with capacity of 50 Kg.
Once the ingredients are weighed, they are homogenized in a Stolz mixer.
Once mixed, the homogeneous mixture is deposited on a tank that doses the amount to be sieved.
After a rotary valve and before the sieve, the ingredients pass through a magnet again to avoid any metal particles.
The sieve consists of a 2 mm mesh that rejects particles into a removable reservoir.
Impulsion tank:
After sieving the batch, it accumulates in the impulsion tank for temporary storage of the ingredients Before dosing it to the production lines.
Aerzen blower for transport to the lines

Electrical: 3 x 400 V – 50 Hz

Brand , ,
Year 2018
Location Southern Europe
Machine number 873c
In production? No

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