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Product specifications

Manufacturer: Iteca
Year: 2005
Capacity: between 680 and 1360 kg of dough per hour, depending on base size
Location: USA
Still in line, can be seen without dough

Consisting of:

Dough hopper with star rollers
Dough resting belt
Dough extruder
Flattening roller
90 degree take over
Multi roller
Gauging station
Secondary gauging station
Flour removing brush
Pizza base cutting station, cutting by means of a roller, different sizes available
Rest dough removal station
Overhead proofer swing, enclosed, with climatization unit
Swing flouring device
Punching tool
90 degree take over by means of a retracting belt
90 degree take over by means of a retracting belt
Oil spraying device
Direct fired gas oven, steel belt, baking time between 240 and 480 seconds
Curve conveyor into cooler
Cooler with forced cooled air, including chiller, cooling time between 240 and 480 seconds

Electrical: 480 vac, 24V dc control voltage

Year 2005
Capacity Depending on size
Location United States of America
Machine number 926
In production? No
Sold Yes

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