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Product specifications

Suitable for pizza bread 10×10 cm
Manufacturer: G. Mondini Italy
Year: 1993
Capacity depending on the products and belt speed
Out of production, can be seen in working condition (without products)
Consisting of:

  • Infeed belt 2 rows with guiding bars, length 4 meter
  • Tomato sauce depositor, 2 rows, model WF/TRP, controlled by OLC Parablock, adjustable dosing
  • Vegetable/meat depositor, screw spiral, model DV/SP, with incline screw spiral, adjustable dosing
  • Cheese depositor, 2 rows, model DF/SP, hopper, incline transport belt
  • Dosing for tomato and vegetable/meat and cheese with waterfall system, dosing wheels
  • 2 lane pressing station
  • Discharge belt, length 5 meter
Year 1993
Capacity Depending on the products and belt speed
Machine number 532
In production? No

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