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Product specifications

Manufacturers: Rondo, WP-L, CLM, Foodjet
Year: 2001, 2015, 2016
Capacity: Depending on product
Location: Germany
Still in production, can be seen running with dough

Consisting of:

Sheeted pizza base line
Capacity: between 5.000- 11. 000 pieces per hour, depending on size
Consisting of:
Dough hopper with star rollers
Rondo extruder, 2001, belt width 600 mm, capacity up to 1800 kg/hour
Satellite head
Cross roller
Gauging station
Gauging station
Longitude cutting station
Scrap dough removal
Conveyor towards resting section, belt width 1000mm
Approx. 140 meters resting conveyor, between 30 and 45 minutes resting time, including climate control
Cutting roller
Punching tool
Cutting roller
Automatic scrap dough removal unit
Conveyor belt, belt width 700 mm.
Retracting belt 700 mm
Underlaying 90 degree conveyor,1600 mm in width.

Pressed pizza base line
Capacity: approx. 4128 pieces / hour
Consisting of:
WP-L Tewimat S, 4 row execution, 2015
Spreading belts
Conveyor belt to doughball proofing station
Doughball proofing station
Proofing time approx. 40 minutes, including climate control, excluding housing
Exit conveyor to pizza press
Heated pizza press, capacity 4128 pcs/hour, sizes Ø 250, 280 and 340 mm
Pizza bottom removal device after pizza press by means of vacuum.

Shared line:

Punching tool
Foodjet tomato sauce depositor before baking
Oven infeed conveyor
Oven exit conveyor
Several curve conveyors
Foodjet tomato sauce depositor after baking
Conveyors towards pizza decorating station, Belt width 750 mm.
Water sprayer
Herbs dispenser
Infeed towards spiral freezer

The oven is not included! If needed we can supply a replacement oven.

Electrical: 3 x 400 V – 3Ph -50 Hz

Brand ,
Year 2001, 2015 and 2016
Capacity Depending on product
Location Germany
Machine number 853
In production? Yes
Sold Yes

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