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Product specifications

Manufactures: VMI, Rademaker, Frigoscandia, Lantech, Niverplast
Year: various
Production of Croissants, Mini croissants, Pain choc, Mini pain choc, Pancake, Apple pies
– 18.000 Croissants/hour , weight 90 gram
– 14.000 Pain choc/hour, weight 120 gram
– 10.000 Pies/hour, Ø 11 cm
Out of production, still in line

Line consisting of:
VMI continuous mixer, Model Verymix 2500, including ingredients dosing unit, year 1999/2000
Flour dusters
Rademaker Extruder
Rademaker laminating line year 1999, consisting of:
Satellite head
Gauging station
Rest dough conveyor with 3 rolls extruder
2 lane cutting and folding
Butter pump, year 2013
Gauging station
Satellite head
Laminating swing I
Bypass to 90 degree retracting belt
Pressure roll
Satellite head
Laminating swing II
2 x Gauging station + Pressure roll
Resting belts
Pressure rolls
Satellite head
90 degrees transfer
Retracting belt
Pressure roll
Resting belts in enclosure, climate controlled (On platform)
4 x Gauging stations
Brushes with cutting

Rademaker Universal line, year 2013 , consisting of:
Bypass to chocolate dosing station
Water spray unit
Longitudinal cutting unit
Rest dough removal unit
Dosing station
Dosing station chocolate
Rest dough removal

Transport to freezer or croissant make up section

Transport conveyors to 2 Rademaker croissant make up lines
Rademaker croissant lines, year 2001 and 1999, consisting of:
Lane cutting
Spreading belts
Triangle cutting
Rotation section
Roll up unit
Pressure roll
Infeed belt to the freezer
Frigoscandia spiral freezer, year 1999 / 2000
Discharge belt with metal detector to packaging area

Manual packaging station, year 2008
CVS vertical forming/filling and bag packaging, year 1999
CPS box filler, year 2008

Electrical 220/380V – 3 Ph – 50 Hz
Controlled by PLC

Brand ,
Year Various
Capacity Depending on type of product
Location Western Europe
Machine number 793
In production? No

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