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Product specifications

Manufacturer: HB Technik, WP, Diosna, Capway, Tromp
Year of manufacturing: 2002, 2007
Capacity: Depending on product
Weight range: 600 gram
Still in production

4 x HB Technik flour silos 20 ton/silo
Dosing system with touch screen for water, flour, scaling for ingredients
2 x Diosna mixers 240 kg with 4 bowls
Bowl lifter
Dough hopper
Dough Divider
WP Haton rounder CR 59
V Belt infeed
WP Haton intermediate proofer, 12 rows
WP Haton longmoulder, type BM54
Transport + infeed to final proofer

Capway proofer for trays (640×740/tray) , proofing time between 50 – 90 minutes with automatic
clima unit
Tromp Decojet with high water pressure for decorating the products
Capway oven loader
J4 tunnel oven, 16 m x 3,75m (L x w), baking time between 8 – 60 minutes, Gas heated;
Capway oven unloader

Trays transport to and from oven, to filling station Capway
Capway continuous vacuum belt depanner
Transport conveyors of products to cooling area
Capway belt cooler, cooling time between 30 – 82 minutes

Hartmann bread slicer, Selecta 30
Hartmann packaging machine, GBK 220, clip closure
Alcohol injection into the bag
Manual take of table

Pan size 600 x 800 x 98 mm, 10 tins, tin size : 250 x 110 x 95 mm

Additional utilities:
Caldaie steam generator 700kg/ hour
Hot water boiler on natural gas for technological water
2 Alup air compressors

Electrical: 220/380 – 3 Ph – 50 Hz

Brand , , ,
Year 2002, 2007
Capacity Depending on product
Location Western Europe
Machine number 827
In production? Yes
Sold Yes

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