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Product specifications

Manufacturer: Benier, WP, Orlandi, Rex, Acma, Zucchini
Year of manufacturing: 1980 – 1985
Capacity: 1600 rusks per minute
Dimensions finished slices: 67 x 9,5 x 77 mm (LxWxH)
Out of production, still in line

Line consisting of:

Tweedy mixer 160
Bowl lifter
No divider included, we can add this for you
Conical rounder, Pietroberto
Benier moulder
Dough transport to pre-proofer, in Tins, size 600 x 400 x 85 mm (LxWxH)
WP pre-proofer, including climate control, proofing time 45 min
Transport to oven
WP oven, gas heated, 3 x 24 m, 1 burner, wire mesh belt, backing time 30 minutes
Transport to depanner
Vacuum depanner
Transport to resting room
Orlandi resting room, resting time 10 hours
Transport to bread slicer
Rex bread slicer
WP rusk oven, gas heated, 4 x 30 m, 2 burners, wire mesh belt, baking time 8 minutes
Transport to packaging

Packaging line consisting of:
– Primary packaging:
2 x Acma 707B, paper bag packaging, 20 slices per pack
– Secundary packaging:
1 x Corazza model IC64, packaging weight 640 gram, 4 packs per bag
– Carton packaging:
1 x Zucchini, model CCP400, 16 packages per box

Brand ,
Year 1980 - 1985
Capacity 1600 rusks per minute
Location Southern Europe
Machine number 784
In production? No

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