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Selling your industrial bakery equipment and used bakery machines is a great way to make money. Do you have any items available now or in the future? Integrated Bakery will be glad to help you sell these bakery machines.

Integrated Bakery a reliable bakery consultant

Working with Integrated Bakery to sell your used bakery machines has many advantages which certainly guarantee the sale of your equipment. Find our most important added value below:

  • With over 20 + years of experience in the worldwide bakery industry, we have the right contacts;
  • Dedicated staff with a daily focus on buying and selling used bakery equipment take on the entire process;
  • Good visibility and a large number of visitors on our website;
  • Reach large numbers of people with our digital mailing;
  • We offer potential buyers professional and technical services aimed at making the project succeed. Project management, engineering, disassembly, transport, installation and transfer of the project.

Integrated Bakery sells used bakery equipment

Integrated Bakery is involved in the sales trajectories of used bakery equipment worldwide. Condition for the sale to take place is that it involves larger machines, complete bakery production lines or complete bakery inventories. Quality is also an important aspect. Integrated Bakery focuses on high quality (A or B+) second hand bakery equipment and production lines. This sets us apart from our competitors and is the reason why our contacts come to us.

The process

To determine the potential of your available equipment, we need a couple of pictures and as much technical information as possible, such as brands, year of manufacturing, capacity, end products that can be made and what items the line consists of. After we have received this the process works as follows:

  • Integrated Bakery identifies and qualifies the available used bakery machines via telephone or email;
  • Integrated Bakery visits the bakery to formalize the terms of the sale and to record and photograph the available bakery equipment;
  • The product specifications are worked out in detail into a product sheet;
  • The unit is listed on our website;
  • An e-mail newsletter is sent out to our extensive network;
  • As soon as a potential buyer is found, we handle all negotiations and ensure that the process runs smoothly for all the parties involved;
  • We keep you up to date with the process as it develops.

Which machines and lines sell easiest?

  • Complete product lines;
  • High quality machines / production lines (A or B + brands);
  • Production lines not older than 15 years;
  • Regularly and well maintained;
  • A production line that is still in operation.

In terms of A and B brands you must think of; WP, Kaak, Benier, San Cassiano, Diosna, Hartmann, Haas, Tromp, Mecatherm, Rademaker, Fritsch & Daub bakery equipment.

Need help or looking for more information?

Do you have any questions? Do you have a production line available now or in the future? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.